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JS Error (syntax error) when running Lightbox

Poor Benjamin, you're going to hate me.

Anyway, I noticed the lightbox plugin kicking up a JS error in IE in two separate installations. To make sure it wasn't anything I did (editing some of the paths to files and text), I put your original zipped files on my server and got the same error.

In IE6, I get a syntax error (Line 2, Char 1) that disappears when I remove the lightbox reference in the head.

In Firefox/Mac with Firebug, I can see that there's another error (maybe the same?) which crops up when I'm referencing the Lightbox plugin: "Expected ']' to terminate attribute selector but found '/'."

Any ideas? Is it me? I haven't upgraded to the newest jQuery, so that possible conflict can be eliminated. In fact, removing all other JavaScript/jQuery on the page, I still get the error.

Solution? Is it me?
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