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BatchGeo is great and I appreciate all the effort that has gone into this. I have constructed a 6 waypoint map for a housewalk we are doing in our town. The placemarks show up lettered A-F, which I now understand is the default for <26 points. The problem is that our brochure identifies the houses as numbers 1-6 so the icon lettering is confusing my users. It would be great if I could get numbered placemarks. Also, it would be great if I could import or link to custom icons. Thanks.
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Alan Gornik

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Posted 6 years ago

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Jon Payne

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Can you display numbered push-pins for the mapped locations?

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Numbered push-pins.
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Oleg Fahrutdinov

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Need numbers on the points.
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Chris Welch

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Any progress on this request?
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i've been waiting for this for years...still no progress :(
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Matthew Holt

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I just started using this product and it would really help to have custom markers. What I would like to do is have a field in the gives you a URL for my marker for each record I upload. For example for salesman 2's customers the marker would be

What I am using the product for is seeing which salesperson is responsible for what customers on a map. They want to see salesman 12 is here and salesman 15 is here.

Because of the limit to the size of upload I am creating a KLM file and exporting each batch to Google Earth and I know I can go into that file and change the URL for the icon but that is clunk and makes the process more complex.
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Mike Ashen

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What is the current statis of this request ?? Has it been accepted as an approved project ? Is there a completion date ??

It's been requested 2 years ago, this does not appear to be important to Batchgeo management???
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Jim Malek

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I have an Idea that may make the numbering of markers easier using your 26 letter solution! if i had the ability to highlight a marked area in your maps... i.e. an area that i have already plotted and then making that area into a concentrated map with no more than 26 markers in it, this will solve my problem, i am not sure if I explained that effectively, let me start again,
1. i mark out for eg 200 locations,
2. i then highlight by clicking and dragging an area within the 200 markers containing a maximum of 26,
3. Batchgeo then opens a new map with the 26 I have highlighted and all the relevant information below... there problem resolved!
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Michael Schmauch

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The key field I was trying to get to appear on the map, when it is zoomed in far enough for the software to figure out that it would fit, is the name, at least the last name, but the option to have first and last appear would be nice.
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Where's the BatchGEO Support here?! I was glad to read this thread but unfortunately, there's even no response about this.. tsk tsk.. too bad..