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iPlayer doesn't fit the screen correctly on second monitor, Mac OS X

Hi there, playing any programme through the web player in full screen mode, on a second display in Mac OS X, results in black bars all the way around the playing video - about 10-20px worth.

This is especially bad for HD programmes, as the monitor in question is a native 1280x720 display so the video is being unnecessarily scaled to a smaller, non-native size (resulting in a significant loss of quality).

(see attached screenshots below)

[] Issue occurs in both Safari and Firefox, latest version of Flash at time of writing (

[] Issue does not occur watching the same iPlayer video on the primary display (though that's a different aspect ratio @ 1440x900, so there are black bars top and bottom as expected).

[] Issue does not occur with other flash video streams e.g. Youtube.

[] Issue did not occur with a PC plugged in to the same display, as a primary display - was not able to test with the PC as a secondary, so affected setups may be 'Mac OS + Second display', or 'all platforms + second display'

[] Another perhaps relevant observation - it seems Flash does know where the true edges of the screen are, as the seek bar UI goes right to the bottom of the screen - but the bottom of the video box is higher up - aligned exactly or within one pixel of the bottom of the two vertical bars in the 'pause' symbol in the seek bar (or the bottom of the 'play' triangle; shown below).

[] in HD the above offset is slightly different:

Any help with this would be hugely appreciated :)
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