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Cutting files/folders and Finder's Clipboard

This is quite hard to explain but I'll do my best. When cutting a file or folder its path becomes the next item on the clipboard, but it doesn't actually appear there (Finder > Edit > Show Clipboard). It's like it goes to it's own clipboard that overides the Finder's one, if that makes any sense. I use a clipboard manager and this makes it very confusing because this "phantom" clipboard contents is not added to the history.

An example of the problem might better illustrate the problem :

Let's say I copy the words "Snooker cue". The text is added to the clipboard and I can see it in Finder's clipboard and the clipboard manager. Then I cut a folder in the finder and paste it somewhere. The latest item in the clipboard manager is still the text "Snooker cue" so cmd+v should paste "Snooker Cue" but instead the path of the cut file is pasted instead, in this case "/Users/Jimmy/Desktop/untitled folder".

A solution to this could be to make the cut command act the same way as copy in regard to the clipboard.
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