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File copy queuing

Replace the simultaneous file copies of the finder by a file copy queue. So if you launch one copy and then another one, the finder will do both, with is complete non-sense performance wise in most case because it kills performance. So we need a copy queue, that would be much faster. Of course, the best way would be that this queue could be manageable, re-ordable and you could force a queue to start or pause one. Absolutely best way would be to include some heuristic : Small copies first, if copy A only involves HD 1, and copy B only involves HD 2, then they can be done simultaneously. Copy Doubler in the Mac os 7 days was great (but lacked heuristic). This simultaneous copy thing is just marketing fluff and slows us down everyday. I already suggested this to feedback.cocoatech.com, it's now the more popular feature request with 528 votes, but I prefer your approach to transform the finder rather than using another finder. If you start to work on this early, many things could benefit from it, your cut & paste code, zipping could also enter the queue : so we would get the absolutely best performance from hour hardware hardrives, ssd, CD/DVDs and network. It would be the absolute killer feature of TF.
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