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Panorama Camera

I cannot seem to get the panorama to work properly.

i purchased the app for i phone 4s and ipad 2.

i would have thought you would simply pressa the button an ddrag the image unti, you released the button.

Can someone from Bisimplex please send me instructions on how to use it.
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    Hi Mike:

    I believe there is an misunderstanding. This app is intended only for the iPod Touch 4G, and what it does is to lets you take bigger pictures than the default camera (1280X720). It's not optimized for iPad, and it's kind of useless for the iPhone 4s since the iPhone has much better camera than the iPod.

    We are deeply sorry for this misunderstanding, and since this app doesn't suit your needs, you may have a chance to get your money back by requesting a refund. I have never requested a refund from the app store, but I found this link

    We cannot authorize directly a refund, that's why you have to contact Apple directly, also, I recommend doing it as soon as possible.

    Hope that helps.

    Best regards
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