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I was very sad when the show "My name is Earl" was canceled. So first I didn't want to know anything about a new show from the creator of Earl. But then I gave this show a chance. I remember that it took me like 2 or 3 episodes until I really loved the show "My name is earl", but it took me only one episode to love "Raising Hope dvd release date" It is not only nice to meet some of the characters of "My name is Earl" again, it is the whole atmosphere equally to Earl that Garcia managed to capture on Film and transfered into his new show. It is the daily life of average American people with all its surprises and defects that make this show outstanding. You feel that you become a member of this family right after the first episode and just want to see more of their life. If you want to call this show a replacement of "My name is Earl", it really earned this honor. I just hope that this show will stay on air for another 3-4 seasons.

I've always loved Martha Plimpton (prior her 'Goonies' days.. which are long gone...) Seeing her pop up on the upcoming pilot of this show was doubly intriguing. I knew she could be funny.. but as Virginia Chance, she's knee-slapping hilarious!

And lest not leave out the entire Chance family.. I've seen a couple of (Garrett) Dillahunt's TV and film performances. He is good; no doubt. The pairing of him and Plimpton was ingenious. They are dead-on as Virginia and Burt Chance. The whole family is deadpan hilarious. Burt's childlike behavior, and their entire Redneck persona will make anyone wet their pants.

The whole show is a farce. It's right up there with the ingenious classics like I Love Lucy. Not for AGES has television witnessed such comedic genius. The whole cast is perfect .. and it's awesome seeing Cloris Leachman again -- even in a supporting role. Her 'Maw Maw' just adds more flavor to the Boy Meets World, pant-wetting redneck hilarity, in this comedy masterpiece.created by www.collection4u.com
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