aren't my recorded shows to start at the scheduled time???

Quite a few times, I create a show & then upload it. Every time I do this is DOES NOT start at the time scheduled, but it is available for everyone for download after it finishes.
Is that how it is supposed to be or is there something I am doing wrong?
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  • Hi there,

    How are you scheduling your recorded shows. Here are instructions on how to air a prerecorded show. If you have the recording on your computer already you can start at step 4.

    1. Go to Shcedule Episode page and click on the Archive tab
    2. Look for the episode you wish to air and click on the Download icon for that episode.
    3. Once the file is downloaded you will need to upload it as an Audio file
    4. Go to the My Account page
    5. Click on Upload and Edit Audio Files
    6. Upload the downloaded show file as an audio file and wait for it to finish processing
    7. Go back to My Account
    8. Click on Schedule and Edit shows
    9. Schedule a show during which the show will air and set the Startup audio to the file you just uploaded
    10. Make sure that you have your host dial in number and pin number written down
    11. On the scheduled day and time dial into your show
    12. When the show starts the file will play automatically
    13. Wait for file to start playing and then you can hang up

    Hope this helps,
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