I’m perplexed

BTR chopped off the last 12 minutes of my prerecorded episode!

Last Friday night, I prerecorded an episode using the BTR studio. Everything went fine until I went to upload it to my weekly Saturday afternoon timeslot, and instead of indicating a length of 60 minutes, it showed it was 48 minutes. I hoped that there was some delay in the complete downloading, but somehow, the rest of it never made it, so the broadcast just ends abruptly at 48 minutes. Fortunately, I was able to refer listeners to the full-prerecorded version to hear the last 12 minutes, but it was frustrating not to have the technology work. I am disinclined to change anything now, for fear that it will mess up the links people have already made to the current Saturday timeslot. Is there a way to correct this and get the full episode in the Saturday timeslot without undoing links already made to the episode? Any clues as to what might have happened, so that I can prevent it from happening again?
Thank you!
C. E. Smith
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