John C Sweet (Assistant Director of Operations) October 05, 2011 13:53

How to get rid of an echo or feedback on your show?

To eliminate an echo or feedback during your live show take the following steps, please keep in mind an echo is always created by a caller or in the rare case, the host.

First mute each caller one by one to find out who is producing the echo, you will know who is causing the echo when you mute them as the echo will go away.

Echoes are caused by the following factors:

Caller listening to live show on computer while dialed into your show. (#1 culprit)
Caller in a big empty room.
Caller using a laptop microphone to call into show.
Caller using a speakerphone to call into the show.

Once you find the caller that has the echo you can instruct them on the above and have them call back in or you can drop the caller altogether.
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