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I’m thankful

I'm Praying for peace, joy, Blessing in my home and Business. To God Be the Glory.Can any body feel a praise in their heart.

Lord Thank you for waking me up this morning. Being able to make another day thanks to blogtalk radio. for having me cohost my own show.
  • I’m safe!
    I can feel a praise in my heart!!
    I'm unable to sleep because my head is full. After tossing & turning for too many hours, I figured I'd get up & work on my show a bit. While perusing the FAQ's, I ran across your blog of praise and I was reminded. Reminded that I have so very much to be grateful for. Reminded that, I've asked for something and Blog Talk Radio has provided. All I have to do is trust, take advantage of this opportunity and get on out there and do my best. Now, my heart is full.
    From one Melvina to another, I thank you sis.

    Melvina Renee
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