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Issue with audio via line-in on Mac

I've been recently having issues where there is no audio from my board feed after the show starts and there is no way for me to check if anyone can hear me so I do the WHOLE show before I find out that I wasn't being recorded by BTR.

I have a semi-complex setup with a Beringer 8 channel mixer, multiple mics and channels and my main mic is an AKG Perception 400 condensor mic run through the board. Then the main outs go to the Line-In outlet on the back of my iMac. I've been having great audio for the past month or so using this set up but just this month the above has happened 2 times already and it just bugs me that I wasted a whole hour and nothing recorded. Just wondering if you guys can help me diagnose a little if this is something happening on my end or on the BTR server side, or even may have something to do with SKYPE.

Thanks for any help.
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