I’m Excited!

The BTR Summer Quotes Contest is HERE!

We're so excited to unveil The BTR Summer Quotes Contest to our hosts! This is a great way for you to get more exposure for the great content you are creating on the network.

Here's How It Works

Each week by Friday, you can submit an original and notable quote that was captured on one of your recent episodes (within the last 6 months) on our community forum. In your submission, you will need to include who said the quote, the timestamp of when the quote was said on your show, and a link to the actual show. Once we've collected all of the quotes for the week, we'll open it up to voting from the public (BTR hosts, listeners, etc.) to decide what the quote of the week is. Voting will close on Monday mornings. On Tuesday we will announce a winner.

To Vote, simply go to the post of your choice below, and press the Star icon that says "Good Point". The quote with the most stars at the end of the week wins!

What Do You Win?

Each week, one winner will get exposure for their quote and show on the network to millions through the following BlogTalkRadio channels:
Blog Post
Staff's Pick on Homepage
Monthly Host Newsletter
An Example Quote

You want to pick out a really stellar quote to submit - maybe one that is hilarious, shocking or breaking big news. Here's a great example of a quote from actor, Jason Biggs telling BTR host Robin Milling about his acting woes on television: "I was foolish enough to go and do another TV series last year which got cancelled after 13 episodes, called Mad Love. Screw it, I'm not doing TV anymore!"

The Contest In A Nutshell

Submit quote entries by Friday afternoon; Public voting closes on Monday morning (Don't forget to tell everyone in your network and all of your listeners to vote for your quote!); Winners announced on Tuesday.

What are you waiting for? Submit your quote today and get your show exposed to an audience of millions! Submit here.
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