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"No Printer Installed" error message

I'm using a PC with windows. I have a network printer and a second printer that I've connected with a USB. I can print with both printers using other programs. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Boardmaker and also shut down and restarted my computer. I am still receiving the "No Printer Installed" error message when attempting to print. I have been using Boardmaker for years and this has never happened to me. Please help!
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  • I figured it out myself:

    Just in case someone has this problem more recently (as I have), the solution was to select a default printer on the computer (go into the printers/devices settings and just select the printer you want to use as the default). Without restarting the program or my computer, the printer immediately was available in Boardmaker. I thought I had a default printer selected,'s better to just double check. Easy fix. Very frustrating process.
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