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5 Suggestions for future improvements & features for Boardmaker Online

I've been using Boardmaker Online for a while now, and there have been a ton of great improvements and features added already. Here are my suggestions for possible future projects:

1. I want to see what other people are saving - like on Pinterest. I can see what other users make themselves, but I can't see the items they've saved as well. This would make it easier for me to find relevant or related activities that others have found useful as well.

2. You can upload an image from your computer right into an activity - but only if you go through the "choose symbol" button. I would love to have that option also on the "symbol" tab - as an option for "my media."

3. it would be awesome if the Boardmaker team chose "Featured User Activities" for the "home" page. I think this would help users easily find high quality activities and also be reinforcing for the people who work hard to create and share awesome activities.

4. Editing symbols - but I think you guys already have that on the to-do list

5. There are a ton of new symbols that are awesome. But it is really hard to browse symbols! I've come across great symbols by accident, but it's not easy to search or browse. In Boardmaker V6 you could search by categories, words, etc. I would love to have that option online too.
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