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AAC Vocabulary Boards for school activities and topics

I need to find some AAC Boards with picture vocabulary for school activities and school topic. The database search is way too unwieldy - I get hundreds or returns. How can I find these? For example - arts & crafts, pretend play (dolls, cars, etc), outdoor play/recess, circle time, date/weather, cooking, music, numbers, letters, animals, arrival/departure, gym, table work, etc. I just need single-page boards with vocabulary so that my daughter can point to images while at her new school until they learn sign language (she uses ASL, it is a Dutch school, and they use Dutch sign language). Like you would find on Proloquo2go or any AAC voice output device. Help! Thanks!
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  • The search system in Boardmaker Achieve allows you to filter your search results using the "Narrow Your Results" panel along the left side. So start with either a simple search like "art" or a completely blank search. Then after you see the results show up, click on a Category such as "Communication" on the left side. You can also limit the results based on which version of the software you own. If you have Boardmaker v6, you should select "Boardmaker v5" and "Boardmaker v6" from the Version filter. That will prevent you from seeing activities that will only open in Boardmaker Studio.


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