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Adapting templates

I've explored several of the templates in Boardmaker Studio (which are GREAT) but there are two that I've tried to add to/ change in order to better serve our needs/ desires, but I'm having difficulties and I'm wondering if it's even possible.

1) Line Drawing matching- can two objects be drawn to the same answer and have it programmed to be correct?

2) Hidden Picture- is it possible to use the memory/ matching template and have a hidden picture be revealed as the objects are correctly matched?

Thanks in advance!
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  • 1) The Matching Draw Lines template only works if each pair is unique, so you cannot have two items be drawn to the same answer.

    2) The easiest way to do this would be to set a background picture for the entire page. Open the "Matching - Play" page, and click somewhere on the page background (where there's no buttons), then click on the button under "Background" in the Properties Panel. You'll see a From File button in the lower left corner of Open Symbol window that will let you pick any digital image to use as the background of the image. The picture will sit behind the buttons of the game, so they will get revealed as they make matches.
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