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Bengali for Boardmaker Plus for Mac

Dear colleagues,
I tried to send this query to Boardmaker support, but it bounced. Thus I joined this. I hope I am right here.
My question relates to Boardmaker Plus for Mac, which I have been using for several years now, in a variety of languages.
Shortly I am off to do some volunteer work in Bangladesh. I googled Bengali for Boardmaker and came up with this link:
According to this, Bengali should be available as one of the languages in the Symbol Finder Setting and be usable with "BNW-TTDurga (western)" from "Language Settings ..."
Problem 1: no Bengali in my language lines
Problem 2: the website given in the above link for downloading the font is n longer available.
Does anyone know how to solve this or how to get on to technical support from Mayer-Johnson?
With many thanks, Susanne
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