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Boardmaker edit window works some times and days, but mostly not; includes all staff

All staff are recently and frequently not able to open an existing document for editing or to open a new window to create a new document. Yesterday we could work in BM, today we cannot. Other days, we can work during one part of a day but not others. Appreciate your help.
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  • Hello,

    There are a few things you will want to check for this. Please see below.

    1. Make sure the flash plug-in for your web browsers is fully up to date

    2. Try a different browser - one you don't normally use - to see if that makes a difference at all

    3. If this is a school or hospital network (or similar) you may need to have your IT whitelist the following locations: * / /

    If you are still running into issues go to and run a test. A connection speed of 6mb/s should be enough. Less than that and you could run into these issues.
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