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Boardmaker Interactive Premade Book Template.. Pop up question

Can someone tell me how to change the symbols in the premade Boardmaker Interactive books.. For some reason the symbols will not save when I change them.. In the Table Variable Editor I have two things I can change.. Word and Symbol there is No Useword for True or False.. I have said okay, and saved but it keeps reverting back... Also if the popup has 5 grids how do I get it to insert 3 words on a pop up page instead of the first two words only...
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  • Hi Barbara,

    Can you tell me specifically which board(s) you are working with so I can take a look at it?
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    • Hi Barbara,

      Taking a look at this template can you give this a try (and let me know if this is what you are already doing)

      Go to File > Activity Settings
      Change the popup option setting from Auto-Generate Symbols to Communication Boards
      Then, in the symbols table enter your preferred words and symbols there (if you haven't already)

      Let me know if this helps or not.
    • Hi Brad, it will save in Communication Boards.. However, I am not wanting the communication board.. I want to use the pop up.. Yuichi Tamano said there is a Bug in the Online Version... (See the reply below).. I hope this gets fixed ASAP... I have been a long time user of Boardmake (CD), and have decided to use the Online Version for many reasons... I do have another question... Why is the photo I have chosen to use in the Cover Page of the Story Book not showing up... is this also a bug that is not consistent??? All other pages show the photos... How is the user suppose to know what the story book is about if they cannot read?? Please respond ASAP... Food for Thought.... It would be nice to have a Pop Up in the story books where you can input the symbols you want instead of the Auto - Generate Symbols... There is more than one bug in the pop up.. Sometimes you will get three words and at other time it will only give you two words... This is not including any names that I want it to say...
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  • Hi Barbara.

    This appears to be a bug in the software. When you add a word to the SymbolsTable in the Table Variable Editor, it should indeed display that word when you play the activity and hit the Symbols button. So if you add a symbol for someone's name, it should then appear when you hit Symbols.

    However that is not working correctly right now in Boardmaker Online. I'll make sure this gets reported as a bug.

    Also, to clarify your question about Table Variable Editor in the tutorial you were looking at -- the tables you will see will be different for each activity, depending on the needs of the activity. The example in the tutorial was for a different activity. The Book activity does not have the "UseWord" option.

    Sorry for the confusion and for the software bug, hopefully it will get resolved soon!
    • Hi, Thank you for the reply... I do hope the issues is corrected soon... I am a long time user of Boardmaker (CD), and have switched over to the Online Version for many reasons.. I am disappointed that things are not working right.. So far there is an issue with the popups... Also there is an issue with the Auto - Generated Symbols... Sometime you will get three symbols and sometime only two... this does not included personal words or photos that I want to uses... Here is some Food for Thought.... Can we have a popup where we can insert the words and symbols we want instead of it being Auto - Generated??? If we are going to be using story books for learning and building sentences we need to be able to input what we feel is the most important words... Sorry, but I don't want to use the Communication board as we have a communication device and that is what I want the user to respond with... Yuichi I am not sure if you would know why the photo I have chosen will not work on the cover page... All other photos work...
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