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I currently have boardmaker v.6 and have downloaded boardmarker plus player free trial subscription. It says I can upgrade to boardmaker plus player for 39.99 per year per player. Am I understanding this correct that I can get the boardmaker plus player for 39.99? Or is there something else I will need to buy.
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    39.99 gets you a Boardmaker subscription player, which means that for a calendar year you can use a Boardmaker Player through BoardmakerShare.
    (You can access interactive activities ONLY when using a player, and you cannot edit with a player.) If you attempt to pull up an activity without interactive stuff in it, it won't load.) That said, on your account on BoardmakerShare, it would show you having a player account, and for me, I had a student who could then use the activities I have for her, but at home over the summer.
    It is a less expensive way to extend anything you have created on Boardmaker 6 Plus to other computers your student would access. It requires access to the internet, because you have to go through the Share site for it to load. You create an account and password for the player.
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