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Button Action "Launch Application" what does it do?

I am trying to be more creative with the use of interactive boards in my classroom. I was wondering what "Launch Application" means on the button actions and how do I use it?
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  • Megan,

    Basically, it means that from the interactive board that you are creating , you can create a button that will launch another program, like power point presentation, the internet browser(internet explorer, mozilla firefox) just to name a few.. I have provided the steps below..

    In the Windows version of Boardmaker, the Cool Stuff actions allows you to launch an application from a button.

    You must create a shortcut to the desired application first then create the button. Use these steps to create the required shortcut:

    1. Open My Computer from your desktop or the Windows Start menu.
    2. Create a shortcut to your application by right-clicking on the executable (exe) file and selecting Create Shortcut. You may need to navigate to C:\Program Files to locate the executable file. Note: Creating a shortcut from an icon or something from the All Programs list will not work.
    3. You can copy and paste or drag this shortcut to your SDP Externals folder. This folder is found at the path C:\Program Files\Boardmaker with SD Pro\SDP Externals. Important Note: Only shortcuts in the SDP Externals will be able to be selected.

    Use these steps to program the Launch Application onto a Boardmaker button:

    1. Open the Boardmaker Program
    2. Select Dynamic Buttons.
    3. Select Actions.
    4. Drag the action square onto the desired button and resize it to fit.
    5. Double-click on the Action square to open up the Button Actions window.
    6. From the Cool Stuff tab, choose Launch Application.
    7. Highlight the desired shortcut on the left then select OK.
    8. Select OK to exit the Button Actions window.

    Hope this helps.


    Tech Support
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