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Can't open project using newest version, Bdmaker Studio?

The project won't run for me because it says i need to upgrade my version of Boardmaker to Bdmaker Plus version 1.6.3? Isn't Bdmaker Studio a newer version than Plus?
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  • Hi Beverly,

    It sounds like you are attempting to open a Boardmaker Plus or SDPro board using Studio. You actually will have to import that board into Studio first before it will open. Please follow the steps below to do so. Thanks!

    To import, follow these steps:

    1. Select File Menu > New > Project From Boardmaker Import. The My Boards folder will open.
    2. Select the .bm2, .zbp or .zip files you want to import as a Boardmaker Studio project.
    * Note: Ctrl + click will allow you to select multiple individual files.
    4. Select Open. The Boardmaker Import Setup dialog will open.
    5. Enter a title for the project in the New Project Name text box.
    * Note: You can return to the My Boards folder to reselect boards by selecting the Reselect Boards button on the Import Setup dialog.
    7. Select Import. A Conversion Warning dialog will open stating that the files have been successfully converted and listing any inconsistencies in the conversion process.
    8. Select OK on the Conversion Warning dialog. The new project will be saved in the Boardmaker Studio Project file and will open in the Designer workspace.

    Darren Walsh
    -Mayer-Johnson Technical Support
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