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Copy Macros

I want to use the shuffle buttons macro that Yuichi made. How can I copy the macro (the list of actions) instead of building it myself?
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    If you are using Boardmaker 6 Plus:
    You start by making yourself a poweruser. Do that by:
    1. Select Dynamic Boards.
    2. Select Password.
    3. Enter poweruser (one word - lowercase) and push Enter

    Then you would go to Yuichi's shuffle macro and open (edit) the macro. You will be able to copy the macro. (Click on the first command in the macro, press and hold shift and while holding shift scroll to the last command and click it. Control C will copy the macro.)
    Go to your board and select add a macro. Use the same name he did, and open your macro. Control V will paste it in.

    Things to know: Some things will be important, such as labeling your buttons correctly. He explains that in his shuffle buttons template. Also note his samples in there, as Board actions are vital to make it work. It's where you identify which buttons will shuffle. You can copy those as a poweruser as well. You don't have to undo poweruser, and it lets you see other things as well on your cool stuff tab (on the set button properties tab, for one!).
    To me it's easier to name my buttons button1, button2, button3.

    Hope this helps!
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