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I’m frustrated

Disappearing boards!


I can't open boards I made a couple of weeks a go? It keeps saying image not found and when I try to open I get server 404 message? I can see them in a thumbnail on my activity list.

Don't really want to make again!

Any ideas?
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  • Hi Sally,

    Regretfully this is a result of the outage the site experienced recently. We restored as much data as we could but anything currently still giving an error or missing entirely is lost. We are currently working on a way to make some Boardmaker Online activities editable so that you will only need to replace missing images. We expect this to be completed by February 5, 2018. The remaining damaged activities will unfortunately need to be recreated. These will be marked with a red indicator. The affected activity that is currently on the Boardmaker Online site may allow you to open a detailed view with thumbnail images of the individual pages in your activity. This can potentially be used as a guide when beginning to recreate your activity.

    For more information on the matter please view the official statement here:


    Brad R.
    Technical Support Rep
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