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Downloading from site brings up Acrobat

Everytime I try to upload a project from the community, Acrobat comes up and says I have to pay a fee to be able to download?? I've downloaded many things from other sites that required Acrobat and never had to pay to see them. What am I doing wrong?

Note: This topic was created from a reply on the Video Uploading for Boardmaker Online topic.
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  • All the activities on the Boardmaker Online website require that you own Boardmaker if you want to download them and open them on your computer. When you click the download button you should see a dialog box similar to this one from Firefox....

    Even if you have Boardmaker installed, you should always choose "Save File" and save it to your computer before opening it with Boardmaker.

    However, if you don't own Boardmaker you now can subscribe to Boardmaker Online Personal, Professional or District which allows you to Print, Play, and Edit activities right in your web browser on any Windows or Mac computer.

    Does that help?

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