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I’m frustrated

Getting interactive boards to run smoothly

When I download an interactive board I am unable to use the board the way it was intended. Each of the boards on the interactive board are listed separately. When I click on the first board it opens and works. When I touch the button on the smart board that will take me to the next board, it won't open. I have to go back to the place I saved it and manually click on the next board. How do I get the interactive activity to run smoothly without having to open every single board?
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  • Hi Sharon,

    Was the file that you downloaded from a .zip file? If so, try the following, locate that ZIP file and right-click and choose "Extract". It will ask you where you want to put it. Give it a new, empty folder and it will uncompress all the files and put them in there. Now you should be able to look through that new folder, find the main board and open it and everything should work and link together as intended.


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