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Go Talk template

Problems with Go Talk 32 overlay posted by Boardmaker team 3/23/16. When placed in the GoTalk Express 32, the top or bottom cell lines show.
I saw a new Go Talk template posted earlier this month but I am unable to print on legal size paper.
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  • Try this guide to printing device overlays...

    Printing Digitized Device Overlays with Boardmaker Online

    Digitized device overlays need to be printed at an exact size to match the device they are intended for. Boardmaker Online relies on the printing capabilities of the browser you are using, which means there are some quirks you need to be aware of to get the result you want.

    NOTE: Google Chrome does not allow any document to be printed at actual size... it will always scale it to some other size. So you will never get proper results using Google Chrome.

    1. Create your device overlay and save it. Close the Online Editor.

    2. Go to MyActivities and find the device overlay you created. Select the Print icon.

    3. Select "Actual" for print size.

    4. Choose the "Properties" button next to the name of your printer.

    5. Set the paper size to match the template. Most printers in the US are set to print on Letter sized paper, so in this example of a GoTalk 32 template, I have to change the page size to Legal.

    6. Select the Layout tab and set the paper Orientation to match the template. In this example, I have to change the orientation to Landscape.

    7. Select OK.
    Note that if you are printing to PDF it will ask you where to save the file.
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