How do I find and join a group?

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  • BoardmakerShare supports a large member community of colleagues who share resources. You can start a new group for members with similar interests and goals, or you can join an existing group. To join an existing group:

    1. Find the group you want to join. Select the Community menu and choose Browse Groups. You can browse through all the groups as they are listed, or choose the Sort By box to see them listed in a different order. If you know the name of the group, you can use the Search box to the right of Browse Groups to find the group you are looking for.

    2. Select the group you are interested in by click on the name or the thumbnail image. You will be able to see the files and discussions and members of the group.

    3. To join, click on the Join the Group button on the right side. This group will now be listed in your My Groups list. You can access that list by selecting the Community menu and choosing the My Groups item.
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