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I’m frustrated!!!!

How do I open Plus activities in Studio - it says I need a patch for Plus?

I have downloaded several Boardmaker Plus activiites off the share site. I am importing them into Studio per instructions on this discussion site. All of them say I need a patch for Boardmaker Plus to run this activity. I do not have Boardmaker Plus - I am running the trial of Studio. What do I have to do to download and use Plus activities in Studio. They all say they are compatible with Studio on the Share site.
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  • Juanita,

    On the activities that you have downloaded, what were the types of files? If there was a specific activity that you have download, do you remember the name and I can attempt to download that and open it within Studio to see if I can replicate the issue. I haven't come across, that error before. Studio does not require a patch to open boardmaker plus activity. That bm plus activity would need to imported into an existing project or imported in as a new project.


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