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How do I save activities with multiple pages?

I am able to download and save single page boards to my desktop and place them in a folder. How do I save activities with multiple pages, such as interactive books?
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  • Denise,

    If the file that you are downloading is a .zip file, what you want to do is locate that ZIP file and right-click and choose "Extract". It will ask you where you want to put it. Give the new folder a name and it will uncompress all the files and put them in there. Now you should be able to look through that new folder, find the main board and open it and everything should work as intended.

    If the activity that you are downloading is a .zbp then you can import the board package into boardmaker plus or boardmaker with sd pro v6. For complete instructions on importing a .zbp please follow this link for the steps to import a .zbp file,


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