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How do you MAKE an interactive board?

I have looked through Board Maker Help Chapter 10 (making a board set) but feel like it doesn't really tell you how to make an interactive board. I have Boardmaker 6. I can download them and play them, but now I would like to make them!
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    You open a new board, and place buttons on the board. I usually want my buttons the same size, so I make one box by clicking on the square, and then I select the spray button to copy the button and make as many as I need. Then I double-click on each button, and decide what I want the button to do.
    You can make the button say a message you type in, or play a message you record, as well as playing sound effects.
    You can choose to change the board by clicking board change and selecting another board you have in the same folder,
    If you are looking at already made boards, and want to copy buttons from them, you can do that and place them on your board as well.

    I learned more about how to create new boards by looking at boards others have created, and clicking on the buttons to see what they do and how they do it. My boards are more complex now, but my first boards were basic, with clicking on buttons to make messages play or to choose the right answer. You can ask the student to count the items you put on the board, and choose how many. You would make 2 wrong answers (or however many you want) that say and do nothing or say try again, and 1 that says you're right and changes to the next board.

    The important thing is to know that you'll get better with practice!
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