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I have the mac version of Boardmaker plus. Can't figure out steps to run the activity

I have the Mac version of Boardmaker Plus! I must be skipping a step to get activity to run. After I select an activity and save in "my activities" what steps exactly do I need to do to get the activity to run? Do I have to download on each computer I use or can I save on a flash drive?
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  • Hi Anne,

    You will need to Download the Activity. You can save it to computer. You can also save it to a flash drive if you need to take the same board to multiple computers. Once you have downloaded the board, you can open it using the Boardmaker Plus software. You can either double-click on the board itself and it will open in Boardmaker Plus, or you can open the Boardmaker Plus program and then choose Open A Saved Board Or Add-On and locate that board. You would then select "Dynamic Boards" and "Use". I hope this helps. Thanks and have a great day!

    Darren Walsh
    -Mayer-Johnson Technical Support
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