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looking for german boards

can i use german symbols?
what happens after the free time?
how much does Boardmaker online cost?
is it only for US or also for Germany usable
Thank you for answering
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  • Barbara,

    The German "country-specific" PCS symbols are included. When you are editing an activity, select File > User Settings > Symbols & Language and scroll through the list to find the German symbols and turn them on. There is also a German text-to-speech voice available.

    After the free trial, if you do not subscribe, your account reverts to a free sharing account and you lose access to Playing, Printing, Editing, etc.

    If you log out of the site, the pricing is list on the first page of the site.

    Boardmaker Online can be purchased and used anywhere. Purchases are all in US dollars and the user interface is only available in English.

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