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I’m frustrated

Lost as a goose

Heard so many great things about boardmakershare and would like to join, however,am extremely frustrated with process. Your "create an account" has issues with my input. I work for an educational cooperative that does not have an organization code. How do I become a member to boardmakershare? Ok, have tried to submit numerous times - gave it a title, added descriptive words, what else do you want? NOT BEING ABLE TO LOG IN IS THE PROBLEM!!
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  • Silvina,

    Sorry for the difficulty that you are having in creating an account on Boardmakershare. The organization code is not necessary to create an account on the website. Simply just enter information into the fields with the red asterik next to them and agree to the terms, enter the code then select the register button. Try to create the account again and let me know the results. I'll be more than happy to assist you create your account.


    Technical Support
    DynaVox Mayer-Johnson
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