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Paper Orientation

How do you start off with a new board and make it the orientation that you want? Do you have to create it first and then change the orientation when you print? That does not make sense.
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  • You can set up your page size and orientation any time in the process. When I am creating work I plan to print on letter size, I set it that was at the beginning, but if I want to change that later, I can.
    1. Open a new board, and with it still blank, choose File, and then Print Set-Up. I can then set up my page by adding the dimensions of the board.
    2. I could also choose File, and then Print Set-Up. Click on that button toward the bottom that also says Print Setup. If I choose letter as my page size in that printer section, and say OK, it takes me back to that first tab that gave me all those board options. I can then just choose Use Printer Page (check where your board dimension spot is) and it will automatically modify for margins.

    If you are typically going to print on one size of paper, you can choose "Remember Board Settings for New Boards" and your next one will open with those settings. (You could still change them if need be, but don't have to mess with it!)

    Hope this helps!
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