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Preference Control

Can we set our own default preferences for things like symbol location, button style, border size/color? or at least have it come up with the last used settings?
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  • Hi Patricia,

    This is not something that is currently available but it is on the list of features to be added in the future.
    • This was asked a year ago and I feel like this feature is something that should have been added awhile ago.

      I do not understand why Boardmaker is looking to get rid of the CD, when not all of the features are included in the online version. Those should have been developed right away. User settings and preferences, should have been one of the first areas developed for the website. This is why I can't get rid of the CD, because when I need to create a quick visual it is impossible on the website. I always have to change the style of the box, the font size (which I should be able to type a desired number, especially since there are large gaps between some sizes), and the location of the label. Also, I want the page to be letter size. These are preferences that should be savable.
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