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I’m frustrated

Registering BoardMaker Studio 1.4, auto doesn't work, manual doesn't work!

I cannot register BoardMaker Studio.

I enter our product ID, name etc into the relevant boxes, hit "register" button and normally it will automatically activate. However it does not, instead it takes me to the screen to manually register. Not a problem I have done this before, I click on the link provided and the webapge where I used to be able to enter the details to manually register no longer exists.

Also, I phoned your support line the other day to ask about this issue and was told there was no one in the office who could help, and that someone would call me back, but then the person on the other end of the line put the phone down before they took any details including my phone number. So how are they going to phone me back?

Not the first time your "support" line has failed to help support but this is the worst experience yet.
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  • Hello,

    I am sorry to hear you are having trouble getting Boardmaker Studio registered. The manual registration link built into Studio is currently down due to issues with the Mayer Johnson website. If you email your Product ID and Reference code to we can get that registered for you and send you back your license key. I have also forwarded your concerns about phone support to the Technical Support manager and he will be reaching out to you directly about that.
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