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Release Notes: April 14th 2017

The Online Editor/ Web Student Center has the following functionality and bug fixes:

1. The ability was added to search for symbols using a Non-US English language. The language for the search can be picked from a list next to the search control. The 10 languages that are available are English (US), English (UK), Spanish, Spanish (MX), French, Dutch, German, Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish. Your choice of search language stays until the software is shut down.

Fixes for templates mostly revolving around media and font changes:

2. Video and Sound files added to the template “Slideshow - Quick Set Up” via 'Browse' aren't added properly.
3. SetNonLibraryMedia / GetNonLibraryMedia now working correctly In QA.
4. Some templates were crashing when you added recording in activity settings
5. Web Student Center was crashing when playing Slideshow activity created in Studio that has video file
6. Thumbnails didn't update for most page background types
7. Undo doesn't affect thumbnails for renamed pages
8. Sorting Template header reverts to default color after font style changes saved
9. Recordings made during Activity set up are not saving to My Media as well as recordings not incrementing on some templates. Users didn’t realize this and then they were recording over previous recordings. Those issues are fixed.

Fixes for Personal, Professional and District users:

10. Instructor Usage monitoring report not showing all instances of Instructor login
11. Usage Monitoring charts do not show in Professional Users
12. User were experiencing slow load times on Browse Groups when they used Most Popular. We’ve removed that option for the moment.
13. Professional and District users can now go back to their Classroom view from Student assignment list.
14. Fixes for some buttons not showing correctly and wrong thumbnails.
15. Changes on primary thumbnail doesn't take effect in Student Profile.
16. Personal Users: Activity added to My Playlist via single file view continues to show button as disabled after removed from playlist

Internal Administration:

17. unable to open an uploaded PDF document
18. cannot delete PDFs added via Bulk Upload
19. Unable to view information for subscriptions , JS error
20. Server Error on My Boardmaker from Account Administration
21. 'View deactivated' button opens to an Internal Server Error message
22. Blank page shows after 'Save & Continue' on Implementation Notes, JS Error
23. Activity Set - Standards are cut off on Manage Standards modal after adding: Uploaded PDFs are showing wrong icon/type
24. Error when modifying expired subscription or trial on account

Fixes around the Boardmaker Instructional Solutions included the following:

25. BIS - Core First: Web Student Center opens master version when played from SFV instead of
26. My Instructional Solutions > PDF files: Tooltip is missing on the "view PDF" button
27. Personal Users: BIS Core First activities - Add to My Playlist button remains disabled after removed from playlist