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Release Notes: January 21, 2016

This release focuses on media issues. The issues that are fixed in this release are...

• MP4 videos can now be played on the web player and the student center app. MP4 is the preferred video format.
• mp4 files from My Media will now play via the PoupVideo() action.
• My Media image names are no longer blocked from search results.
• Page thumbnails should now update regardless of whether the page panel is open.
• Recording in the PlaySound() action now play back properly.
• When loading large number of images in Symbol panel > My Media, there will be a progress indication.
• If you initiate a second symbol search while waiting for the results from an initial search, only one set of results will return.
• Long page names now wrap properly in page panel.
• Users without profile picture set are now able to view Activity Sets.