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Release Notes: June 20th, 2016

This is a list of the major changes in this release...

  • Website Timeout Indication: The website has always logged users out after a period of inactivity. Now the site will display a message after logout so that it’s clear that the user needs to log back in.

  • My Activities

  • The speed of the My Activities area has been greatly improved. Expect to see further increases in speed in the coming weeks.

  • Navigation between folders is faster and brings you back to where you expect to go.

  • My Media

  • Filter: There is now a drop-down list of file types (Videos, Audio, Images, All) that allows you to only show the selected type of files.

  • Search: The search box lets you find files if you know the name or a portions of the name.

  • Bulk Upload: Now when you select multiple media files, the system lets you upload them all at one time.

  • Student Management: The speed of the site in the student management area has been improved.
    Media Handling: The system automatically converts uploaded media to a standard file format and resolution to make transferring activities faster and playing activities more reliable.
    Disappearing Symbols: Some customers were experiencing issues where they would add symbols to an activity, save the activity, then some time later, the symbol would be missing. That issue has been resolved.
    Saving: This releases fixes the majority of issues with saving files, speeds up the process, and makes it more reliable.