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Release Notes: March 22nd, 2018

Boardmaker Online Site Version : 4.13.0-ci.92
Online Editor Version:
Student Center Web Player Version:

In this release...
• No Image Available: Newly uploaded My Media images were showing “No Image available” message. This issue was resolved.
• No Image Available: Activities were showing “No Image available” where a symbol or photo should be. However, when a new image was placed, activity was saved and closed, when reopened the “No image available” text would display. This has been resolved.
• Couldn’t Find Image: There were cases where more than one image could be retrieved with the same ID. These cases now show “No image available”. Users should place a new symbol/photo wherever they see that text.
• Lock Icon: For a short time, activities created from templates were showing a lock icon in the My Activities screen. These activities had the wrong protection setting, which made it impossible to share them as well. This issue has been resolved.
• Boardmaker Instructional Solutions: The curriculum area had broken thumbnail images. These have been repaired.
• New Symbols!: 32 new symbols were added. Some of the added images are related to descriptions of pain and trips to the doctor.

Issues not addresses in the release...

• Symbolated My Media images are not showing in when shared and viewed by another user.
• Some .gif images from web search do not display in activity after they are added.