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Release Notes: April 10th 2017

The following changes are to the Boardmaker Student Center app for iOS and Tobii Dynavox Indi.

  1. Added the “Free Stuff” area that includes Core First Learning, 4 Access Games, 15 Emergent Games, 6 Math Tools activities, and samples of the Boardmaker Instructional Solutions all accessible without a Boardmaker Online Subscription.

  2. Fixed "missing media" error message
  3. Activities are now using the primary thumbnail

  4. Videos in uploaded Studio activities play properly

  5. Popup videos now close properly

  6. Set "Auto-Capitalize" and "Auto-Space" as default Message Window Interface settings

  7. Fixed issue where the wrong thumbnail shows when the activity is in the playlist

  8. Select your Content: wrong thumbnail when student/instructor logs out

  9. Fixed a bug where the app crashes when left idle

  10. Video from My Media now play in student center mobile player

  11. Fixed the Online Editor to honor the order of pages when that changes