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Sharing individual pictures

I came across Boardmaker Share recently. I have not yet purchased Boardmaker Studio. If I purchase the subscription to the Share, without buying the software, can I extract single pictures as I need them or does it only offer activities or stories?
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  • Hi Sandhya,

    The Boardmaker Share site was made to allow people to share their activities that have been made in Boardmaker, Boardmaker Plus, Boardmaker SD Pro, or Boardmaker Studio. Boardmaker Share is a free site. No subscription is required to use the site, you just must create a free account to start using it. You cannot extract single pictures from the boards that are available on the site. You do need to have one of the software programs mentioned above to be able to download and use any activities on the Boardmaker Share site. I hope this helps. Thanks and have a great day!

    Darren Walsh
    -Mayer-Johnson Technical Support
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