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so many hurdles!!

how many services are necessary to sign up for before one can print activities?
i have registered with boardmaker share, have signed up for the 15 day print editor and now have become a member of the boardmaker share community. what all of this has done for me is no printing access. i am a mac user..........could this be the problem???
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  • Hi Laura -

    I'm sorry to hear that you are having trouble printing an activity. If you have signed up for the 15-day Print Editor trial, then you should be able to print an activity using Print Editor, on a Mac or a PC. Please go to the "Products" tab and select "Print Editor." Click on the "How to launch Print Editor" button in the right-hand pane. This should help you open an activity in Print Editor. Once the activity is open in Print Editor, you can print is just like you would in any program.


    Paul Peake
    Product Manager
    DynaVox Mayer-Johnson
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