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Uploading Videos in Media Glitches

Once again the videos are not uploading properly. I am currently re-creating an activity that I lost with the data breech in January and now some of the videos can't properly be uploaded. Sometimes it will say it has successfully uploaded, but only has audio and other times it will say it has not uploaded (the red bar), but the video is in my media and works fine. In addition, the processing time is much more lengthy than normal. I timed a smaller video (3.1 MB) uploads processing time and it took 2:28 when the same video size has processed under a minute. All videos are in the wmv format with smallest frame (426x240) and lowest frame rate as possible. (29 seconds/frame). The largest file I have attempted to upload today was 16.8 MB, but it had issues with one that was 1.44 MB so I don't think it is a size issue.
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