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I’m frustrated

Why can't I find activities for step scanning with voice output?

My daughter uses Boardmaker with SD-Pro. She needs spoken preview and speak message on each button due to visual impairment and she also uses 2 switch step scanning. I am unable to find any activities on this website that she can use. When I download activities that I think I can adapt for her, they dont work. I always end up going back to the drawing board and developing something from scratch. Do you have any suggestions?
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  • Lori,

    Here is a suggestion.

    1) Go to the Activities menu and select Find an Activity.
    2) Select the "Advanced Search" link just about the Search button.
    3) Pull down the "Scanning" control and change that to Yes instead of All.
    4) Select the Search button without entering anything in the search box.

    When I do that, I get 109 activities that people have tagged as being designed specifically for scanning. Hopefully one of those will be useful or your daughter.


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