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wrong images in buttons

i have created a topic/3 detail graphic organizer. i gave 3 topic options and 3 details in the choice page. i added 3 pages from the activity template with the answers. i modified them by taking out the edit action on the page and the button action to pop up the choice page. i added buttons to advance the pages and return home. all worked fine except the last page. it will not save the pictures. the topic is pollution and it keeps putting in a tectonic plate pic and a tsunami. first attempt, i just reinserted the correct images and it didn't work. 2nd attempt, i cleared the contents of the button and readded the correct pics. it didn't work. 3rd attempt, i deleted the entire page and added a new template page to the project and recreated it. it still didn't work. please help me get my pollution pics to stay in place on the pollution check page.
2nd. issue: when i reopen the activity from the boardmaker connect page, the opening screen has the last pictures used in the activity. i can clear it but the topic, detail 1, detail 2, detail 3 labels are gone.
i am attaching the activity file for you to view. i use boardmaker studio. sorry, i can't send the file, it's too large. i will upload it to my boardmaker activities.
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  • Hi Joanna,

    In the past when we have seen issues like this with Boardmaker Studio it was related to a setting in your PC's control panel.

    1. Open your control panel
    2. Go into the Users area
    3. look for the option that says Change User Account Control Settings
    4. Make sure this setting is set to Never Notify.

    If it is already let me know. If it isn't then set it to never notify and reboot then try the activity again. You might need to re-do the symbols on the buttons after the setting change.
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