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Bola Champions League

My new idea is the "Bola Champions League". It is a big championship where all players can participate(no matter the number of fans or the level)... All the "bola players" will be notificated(by e-mail or maybe a facebook publication) about "Bola Champions League" some weeks before the championship begins. When the day come and the championship is about to start the first 32 persons who enter to the competition(maybe a "championship" button can me added to the "play" section) will be automatically enrolled in "Bola Champions League", these 32 persons will be divided in 8 groups of 4 persons, each player in the group must play two complete matches against the other 3 players(a complete match is about 2 games, the first game and the game back, just like "match a friend" playing a normal "Bola"game), winning a complete match will gave a player 3 ponts, a tie 1 point for both players and 0 points to the player who lose the match, the best 2 players(those who have more ponts) of each group will advance to the next round, in case of various players having the same amount of points in a group the best player will be decided by his/her goals(against and for) difference with an emphasis in goals for.
For Example:
case 1)

player points goalsfor goalsagainst diff
pablo 6 10 5 5
pedro 6 11 3 8

in this case pedro will win, pablo's and pedro's points are the same but not the difference of goals for and goals against

case 2)

player points goalsfor goalsagainst diff
pablo 6 10 5 5
pedro 6 11 6 5

pedro's and pablo's points are goal difference are the same so, pedro will win because he has more goals for(remember this is a priority in this particular case)

case 3)
(almost impossible to happen)

player points goalsfor goalsagainst diff
pablo 6 10 5 5
pedro 6 10 5 5

in this case there is no option, the best of those two have to be chosen randomly
Oce finished the "group phase" the next round is the "eighth of final"(I don't know how to write this exactly hahaha XD )... eighth of final are a lot more simple than the group phase, those who end in the first position in the group will match the second position of the other group.
For Example:

Group A
player points goalsfor goalsagainst diff
pablo 9 10 5 5
pedro 6 4 3 1

Group B
player points goalsfor goalsagainst diff
juan 7 10 6 4
ana 6 7 5 2

then, it'll be: Pablo vs Ana and Juan vs Pedro

After playing the eighth of final(one complete match against the opponent) it'll be the quarter of finals that are the same but now, it doesn't matter the points or goals against-for difference

In quarters of final the player who defeat the other in a complete match will advance to the "Semi-Final Round"(it's about one complete match too) and the winners of each two semi-finals will face each other in the "Bola Champions League Grand Final"(again, one complete match).

Bola Champions League will be played in a controlled time interval, the players will have 24 hours to respond a complete match(not responding in 24 hours will count as a lose 1-0 in the complete match) so Bola Champions League interval will be 9 days(6 days for the group phase,1 day for the eight of final, 1 day for the quarter of final, 1 day for semi-final and 1 day for the final)

The winner of the Bola Champions League can recive 1 of "MelonCash" and some "Bollars".

You can also put something seemed "Bola Champions League" in "career mode"(maybe a bola champions league against only computer players)... But if you'll put that in career mode do not put the name "Bola Champions League" because this is the name of the competition against other human players(try to put another name to the competition in career mode like "BolaCup", "MelonCup" or something like that) in carrer mode it'll no need of a controlled time interval, and do not bring "meloncash" for the winner(it'll make the Bola Champions League more..attractive)

1)A complete match is about 2 games(like normaly matching a friand in bola)
2)Group face is about 6 complete matches for a player because he/her have to match TWICE each other players of the group(3 players because the groups are about 4 players each)
3)Losing, Winning, Tying points and Goals against-for difference ONLY counts in group phase.

1)If you will apply this idea try to finish the incomplete things in the game first(the lab, the market, the city and others...).
2)If you apply the idea, do not only put it in career mode as a single player competition, put also the Bola Champions League it ́s more exciting to play against other human players and...after all... this is a SOCIAL game isn't it?
3)If the idea results and if you can, try to make publications of each results of the games in Bola Champions League, and also publicate who is the winner...if you can bring something like a Trophy to the winner(but not forgetting the meloncash and the bollars) than can be publicated on facebook it'll be great.
My last opinion:
If you make this idea a real thing you MUST put the name "Bola Champions League" to that competition... why?... because the "Champions League" is a competition in the real life and it's the most famous and pretigious soccer competition between clubs in the world! and for this reason I think that the name "Bola Champions League" will attract the people playing Bola and the people who are not playing Bola will like to play it!

I think there is no "incomplete things" or failures in this idea because I have planned it very well but if you have a question or comment please notify me : )

I hope you to consider my idea, it can be an waesome thing!

Thanks for your time reading this "bible" hahaha : D

have a nice day!

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