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Events going on, events coming off!!

Hello, Can anyone tell me how Imake a new product available on my booking system. I have created the event and saved it but it is appearing unavailable on the booking page.. Aso how do you delete old events to stop a back log of previous clubs appearing on the booking page?
Many thanks
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  • Will (Official Rep) November 23, 2016 14:17
    Hello Jim,

    Thank you for raising this forum question, could you confirm that this is the event dated 25th November 2016. This particular event appears to be the 8th session of 10 sessions for the Multi Event Product.

    Regards to Deleting events, instead deleting I would recommend changing the capacity of the event to Zero to stop the event being bookable. This will cover if any orders are linked to the event you wish to delete, pending, completed, cancelled etc.

    Kind Regards
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